These places will help you write a resume, give you job training, and assist you in finding a job:

516 S. Main Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013

1837 Lincoln Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Los Angeles Urban League
3450 Mount Vernon Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90008

PATH (People Assisting The Homeless)
2346 Cotner Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90004


340 N. Madison Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90004

Jewish Vocational Services
6505 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 200
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Work Source
5757 Wilshire Blvd.
Promenade 3
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Here are some good general job sites:


Flip Dog

Hot Jobs

Career Builder

Riley Guide

Job Hunter's Bible


Did you know you can make money off your illness?  It's true, go to www.centerwatch.com .  This website lists clinical trials around the country.  Just find your state and your illness.  I have made hundreds of dollars off my asthma, gout, depression and anxiety (because when you're unemployed or homeless, you're probably anxious and depressed)

You can also get paid for your opinion.  A lot of marketing companies use focus groups.  Basically when you're in a focus group, they ask you your opinion on a product or a new TV show.  You can find a lot of these focus groups listed at Craig's List and you can try these as well:

You can also make money by being a mystery shopper.  How do you find these jobs?  Do a search on Google and type in your city and "mystery shopper."  Some mystery shopping gigs pay money, others reimburse you for buying the product, like food. Some mystery shopping places I know of are:

Mystique Shopper

Merc Surveys


If you need a temp job in Los Angeles, I recommend the following agencies below. Most of them will test you on Word and Excel for Administrative Assistant positions. Some also want you to know Power Point and Quark.

Basically the more computer programs you know, the more marketable you are and higher fee you can ask. They also check for typing speed. If you don't type or know the computer programs I've mentioned, then tell them you're good on phones and can roll calls, and ask for receptionist jobs.

Dress up when you go to interview with these temp agencies, they want to see if you are a flake or a burn out. If you're neither, they'll probably use you.

I recommend signing up with at least 20 temp agencies. I am not kidding. Before I was homeless, when I used to temp, I'd wake up and 7am and call 20 agencies every morning to tell them I was available. At 3 minutes a call, it usually took me about an hour. Speed dial helps a lot!

I have listed these temp agencies and the movie studios/ entertainment companies they service. But this list could be out of date, so call studios where you want to work and ask the drones in Human Resources which temp agencies they use, most will tell you. Also some studios have their own temp pool (ask how to get in) and they use outside temp agencies as well.

Apple One, Glendale
(Disney, NBC, Warner Bros)

Ultimate Staffing, Century City

Ad Personnel, Beverly Hills
(Advertising agencies like Darcy)

Star Personnel, Beverly Hills
(Paramount Studios and Talent Agencies)

Venturi Staffing (formerly Thomas Staffing) Los Angeles (mid-wilshire)
(Paramount Studios and E! Entertainment

Friedman Agency, West Hollywood
The Friedman Agency tends to have an attitude, they seem to think they are actually a mini-studio or something, but I did get work through them.

The Right Connections


Speaking of show biz jobs, there are countless books and seminars and classes out there on "How to break Into Show Biz.' Feel free to buy all those books or pay for classes; or you can keep reading and I'll tell you how to do it for free.

The unspoken rule in show biz is "it's who you know." Most jobs go to friends, or friends of friends, or family members, or friends of family members. But if you don't know the right people and you want to be a writer, director, development executive, producer; then I recommend getting a job as an assistant at a talent/literary agency.

Why? You will make contacts!

Here is a little formula for breaking into Hollywood: It's quite simple, but for some odd reason I have never seen it in any book out there.

Agent Assistant Job = Contacts = Who You Know = Getting the Job You REALLY Want.

The pay as an assistant to an agent is low. It's usually 400-500 a week. A lot of places violate the federal overtime law. They do not pay overtime and they do it because:

1. They know people are desperate to get into show biz, so they exploit that.

2. The federal labor laws in this country do not provide any or penalties or jail sentences for not paying overtime.

When going for an interview at talent agencies or management companies, you must tell them you want to be an agent or a manager! But you say, "I don't want to be an agent or a manager." Here's a newsflash: Neither do they! Just tell them you want to be an agent or a manager, and get the job!

Remember the formula?

Agent Assistant Job = Contacts = Who You Know = Getting the Job You REALLY Want.

DO NOT mention your interests in acting, writing, or directing; they will cross you off the list of potential hires and they will do it with a big fake smile on their faces.

DO tell them you can roll calls, answer heavy phones, write coverage, are very organized, detail-oriented a team player, don't mind working long hours, are eager to learn, work well under pressure, etc…

How do you survive on $400 a week in a city where the average monthly rent is $700-$1000? When I worked as an agent's assistant for $400 a week, I was unable to secure part-time work as a male gigolo, so I worked as a freelance reader for several production companies and got paid to read scripts.

If you want to get freelance reading jobs, buy a copy of the Hollywood Creative Directory for Production Companies. Cold call all the story editors or lowest ranking development person listed and ask if they are looking for readers.

They may request a coverage sample. Coverage is what you actually write up after reading the script. It's like a little book report. To find out more about being a reader buy the book 'Reading for a Living" or take a class at the Learning Annex or UCLA extension.

One last word about agencies, if you want to work at a big agency (CAA, ICM, William Morris) you'll probably have to start in the mailroom, unless you have prior assistant experience. I worked in the ICM mailroom and it was actually kind of fun. Or you can work as an assistant at a medium size agency, and possibly slide into an assistant position at a big agency and skip the mailroom.

How do you get these assistant jobs? You can find those jobs (and other entertainment jobs) at these links:

Show Biz Jobs

Entertainment Careers

Craigs List


Planet Shark

Studio Job Lines

Become an Extra in TV/Film (legit)


There is also an underground show biz job listing called the UTA list. If you e-mail me at Thanksforsavingmyass@Yahoo.com I'll send it to you at no charge.

I don't have any jobs to give anyone (I wish I did) but if you have any questions about show biz or need more help, e-mail me at: Thanksforsavingmyass@yahoo.com

If you need more local and national listings of agencies that can help you Click Here

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